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Augustine, Adeline (2019) Antagonistic activity of Phomopsis sp. and Fusarium lateritium against three tree pathogens. [Project Paper Report]

Azlan, Nurul Iffah Nadhirah (2019) Assessing the influence of microclimate and vegetation structure on hymenoptera diversity and abundance. [Project Paper Report]

Arselan, Nur Husna (2019) Assessment of selected mangrove sediment properties at Kampung Kuantan. [Project Paper Report]

Azhar, Muhammad Nabil Asyraf (2019) Change detection of green spaces in Putrajaya using remote sensing technique. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Yaser, Mohamad Amar Akmal (2019) Customer satisfaction index at Radak Adventure Camp : facilites and services. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Wahab, Mohd Nadzeem (2019) Effect of different shading levels on Ficus carica physiology. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmui, Lijan John (2019) Effects of habitat types, vegetation structure and proximity to forest on farm land bird species richness and abundance. [Project Paper Report]

Azim, Muhammad Amirul Azimuallah (2019) Growth performance and photochemical efficiency of Magnolia elegans planted in restoration area. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Mutalib, Hasnura Hazlin (2019) Identification of visitors’ behavior towards the usage of canopy walkway at KL Forest Eco – Park. [Project Paper Report]

Azizi, Nurul Asyiqin (2019) Inhibitory effects of the crude extract from Xylaria sp. on several pathogenic fungi. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Latif, Julia (2019) Isolation of endophyte microorganism of Acacia mangium. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Latif, Muhamad Azim Syahmi (2019) Non–wood forest products used by temiar community in Kampong Lata Janggut, Jeli, Kelantan. [Project Paper Report]

Aziz, Mohammad Azhar (2019) Operational efficiency of timber loading and unloading in Sapulut, Sabah. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Aziz, Nurazriena (2019) Perceptions on river conservation issues in Cameron Highlands. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Kadir, Nur Shakirin (2019) Physico-mechanical properties of heat treated Sesenduk using direct contact thermal method. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Mohd Asyraf (2019) Visitor’s perception towards conservation in National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC), Kuala Gandah, Pahang. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Razali, Muhamad Arifuddin (2019) The role of mangrove on sustaining livelihood of local community in Kg. Sungai Tinggi, Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Abas, Fatin Amirah (2018) Serological and molecular investigation of the presence of West Nile Virus (WNV) among wild birds in Kuala Gula, Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Abu Bakar, Amirah (2018) Survey on awareness of rabies as zoonotic disease among dog owners in University Veterinary Hospital (UVH), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Ab Aziz, Abdul Karim Zaidan (2018) The effects of difference temperature on acute ammonia toxicity in juvenile hybrid grouper. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Tarmizi Tan, Ahmad Hafizin (2018) Determination severity of pneumonia, responses of heat shock protein 90 (HSP 90) and cortisol concentrations in vaccinated and non-vaccinated pneumonic and non-pneumonic goats. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Nur Shaza (2017) Antibacterial effect of Melastoma malabathricum, Tetracera indica and Ardisia crispa against bacterial isolates of subclinical mastitis in dairy cattle. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Nur Aishah (2017) Feed fatty acids and their utilization in the Giant Panda (Ailurupoda melanoleuca). [Project Paper Report]

Azmi, Nurul Ayuni (2017) Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of fowl adenovirus attenuated in chicken embryo liver cells in specific pathogen free chickens. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Malek, Azeef Izzuddin (2017) Seroprevalence of bluetongue virus infection among small ruminant in foster farm programme FPV, UPM. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Latif, Siti Nur Atikah (2017) Seroprevalence of orf virus infection among small ruminants in UPM's foster farms based on IgM antibody detection. [Project Paper Report]

Ariffin, Ema Arzairima (2017) Transmission electron microscopic structure of the guttural pouch. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Kadir, Muhamad Syazrin (2017) Seroprevalence of Melioidosis among cattle in Foster Farm Programme of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Abu Bakar, Ahmad Naqib (2017) A survey on health problems and stereotypic behaviours associated with management of stabled horses. [Project Paper Report]

Amran, Mohamad Afiq (2016) Using GPS technology and GIS distance measurement analysis to examine the physical features of road access and trails in SISFEC. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Azmi (2016) Evaluation of heavy metal uptake by Ricinus communis as a phythoremediator of soil contaminated with sewage sludge. [Project Paper Report]

Awang, Fatihah (2016) Organized smallholders’ knowledge and attitude toward palm oil farmland biodiversity and willingness to participate in sustainable palm oil certification in Felda Ayer Hitam, Kluang, Johor. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Aziz, Nor Farah Wahidah (2016) Growth performance of Intsia palembanica under the canopy of Pterocymbium javanicum. [Project Paper Report]

Ayob, Noorhidayah (2016) Alternative sites for recreation area in Larut Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Taiping, Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Jihaduddin, Ahmad Aiman (2016) Evaluating visitor's satisfaction towards facilities and services in National Elephant Conservation Centre, Kuala Gandah, Pahang. [Project Paper Report]

Ahidi, Mohd. Iqbal Syrazi (2016) Interpretive trail planning at Biro Tata Negara forest, Kundasang. [Project Paper Report]

Anak Ajis, Geraldine Joyce (2016) Linkage factors for sustainable indigenous tourism in Annah Rais, Bidayuh community, in Sarawak. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Zakaria (2016) Retrospective study on feline heart disease in University Veterinary Hospital, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UVH-UPM) from 2013-2015. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Latif, Farah Liyana (2016) Visitor perception on the potential of matang mangrove forest reserve for ecotourism. [Project Paper Report]

Ab Ghafar, Mohd Zulhanafi Shaffwan (2016) Visitors' satisfaction toward facilities provided at Taman Tasik Metropolitan Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Diah, Muhammad Naim (2016) Assessment of mating behaviour in buffalo bulls. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Wahab, Suliza Abd Wahab (2016) Comparison of different cytologic staining techniques on Boer goat spermatozoa morphology and morphomety. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Halim, Hikma Hashiqin (2016) Different joint surgical procedures among thoroughbred horses at Perak Turf Club (PRTC) in association to the race performance from year 2008 to 2015. [Project Paper Report]

Aminuddin, 'Aisyah (2016) Effects of different routes of vaccination against Streptococcus agalactiae in red hybrid tilapia fingerlings (Oreochromissp.). [Project Paper Report]

Ajaman, Norazmanita Edayu (2016) Effects of reproductive stages on the prevalence of the normal flora in the doe. [Project Paper Report]

Abu Seman, Ainul Riza (2016) Formation of secretory granules and mode of secretion in the salivary glands of swiflet - an ultrastructural study. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Pauzi, Aisyah (2016) In vitro anthelmintic activity of papaya leaves (Carica papaya) chloroform extract against the third-stage larvae of strongyles from sheep. [Project Paper Report]

Abu Bakar Hamzah, Nurul Asikin (2016) Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (map) infection in dairy catlle in Taman Pertanian Universiti. [Project Paper Report]

Azihi, Siti Noor Fadhilah (2016) Occurence and antibiotic resistance of Salmonella spp. isolated from eggs of chicken raised under free-range and conventional caged farms. [Project Paper Report]

Azhar, Nur Husna Atika (2016) Plasma bovine growth hormone (bGH) in buffaloes and its associations with selected phenotypes. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Aziz, Nur Syafiqah (2016) Seminal characteristics of genetically improved farmed Tilapia (GIFT) strain induced with different doses of spawning agent. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rasid, Anisah (2016) Seroprevalence of Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) in birds in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Nurafiqah (2016) Survey on pet owners awareness about parasitic diseases in cats and dogs and the preventive measure in Klang Valley. [Project Paper Report]

Azhar, Siti Aisyah (2016) The effects of different cryopreservation conditions on feline peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) viability. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Nur Razanah (2016) Biodiversity assessment in compartment 6, Sungai Menyala Virgin Jungle Reserve, Negeri Sembilan. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Manan, Syakir Junaidi (2016) Visitor's satisfaction towards facilities in Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur. [Project Paper Report]

Azizan, Nurnabilah (2016) The involvement of extension agent in planning, implementing and monitoring paddy cultivation project based on rice check at IADA Seberang Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Khairunisa Amira (2015) Bioactive compounds of palm kernel cake. [Project Paper Report]

Azmi, Ain Najihah (2015) Enhancement of spore production of antagonistic Penicillium oxalicum T3.3 via solid state fermentation. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Habib, Nur Muhamad Syahir (2015) Phenol degradation and molecular validation of phenol hydroxylase gene of Alcaligenes faecalis. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Norlailiza (2015) Production of activated carbon from landscaping waste for the removal of dyes. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Nur Syuhadah (2015) The effect of salinity stress towards expression of thiamine biosynthesis genes (THIC and THI1/THI4) in oil palm (Elaies guineensis). [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Zaki, Nabila Irqin (2015) Developing a model for studying complex brain function using zebrafish (Danio rerio) and cavefish (Astyanax mexicanus). [Project Paper Report]

Ab Razak, Nur Raihan (2015) Effect of concrete and anti-skid rubber floor types on some behavioural traits and stress level in Jersey cows. [Project Paper Report]

Abu Jazid, Nurul Hafizah (2015) Hemotropic Mycoplasma ovis infection rate among goats in Ladang Angkat, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Alias, Norwahidah (2015) Isolation and identification of streptococcus equi equi in guttural pouch in horses. [Project Paper Report]

Aziz, Fatin Nabilah (2015) Management of Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) in Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Sepilok Sandakan Sabah with emphasis on deworming program. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Razak, Iffah Nadzirah (2015) Milk compositions of dairy goats with and without subclinical intrammary infections. [Project Paper Report]

Ab Rahman, Muhammad Dzul Ikraam (2015) Prevalence of injuries associated with High Rise Syndrome in cats presented to the University Veterinary Hospital (UVH), Universiti Putra Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Sabri (2015) Toxoplasma gondii infection in local ayam kampung in areas of Selangor and Melaka. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Nurul Maisarah (2015) Effect of biochar addition on the physicochemical properties of compost from food and garden wastes. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Majdi (2015) Pathogenicity of Fowl Adenovirus isolates of Malaysia in specific pathogen free chickens. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Razak, Fatin Syuhada (2015) The use of a locally isolated yeast in the expression of recombinant W200R protease. [Project Paper Report]

Azuwa, Nurzawani (2014) Comparison of pest management practices between highland and lowland vegetable farmers. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Khalili, Ahmad Alfian Hidayat (2014) Effect of MS medium strength and IBA on rooting of dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus). [Project Paper Report]

Azman, Norsyahirah (2014) Knowledge, atttitude and practice of agro based food processing technology among small medium entrepreneurs. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Wahid, Norfaizah (2014) Morphological evaluation of mutant lines of torch ginger (Etlingera elatior). [Project Paper Report]

Abdl Ghani, Shahrul Ruzaidi (2013) Comparison of growth and survival of snakehead, Channa striatus (Bloch) using commercial pellet and traditional trash fish. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Azmi, Mohamad Nazrin (2013) Effect of different concentrations of BAP and kinetin on polyembryony induction of Mangifera indica L. seeds. [Project Paper Report]

Ab. Halim, Anna Arina (2013) Effect of different concentrations of kinetin on axillary shoot proliferation of F1 hybrid green okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.). [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Rahim, Nuramizah (2013) Effect of enriched Artemia on the growth performance and survival of red tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) larvae. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Jalil, Mohd. Izwannizar (2013) Effect of spirulina enriched Artemia on the body composition of red tilapia (Oreochromis sp.). [Project Paper Report]

Abd Halim, Mohd Khairil Hilmi (2013) Effect of watering frequencies on physio-chemical of Hevea Brasiliensis seedling under glass house condition. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Razak, Muhammad Hafis (2013) Effects of stocking density and salinity on growth and survival of red tilapia, Oreochromis sp. fry. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Aziz, Mohamad Pipudin (2013) Molecular characterization and antagonism assesment of bacterial candidates as probiotics for fish aquaculture. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Latip, Syahirah (2013) The composition of blood and stress hormone of red tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) feed with spirulina enriched Artemia. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Aziz, Nur Aznadia (2012) Aquatic macrophytes papermaking using Western method. [Project Paper Report]

Asruri, Subaidi (2012) Effect of stocking density on survival and growth of endangered snakehead (Channa striatus) in tank culture. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Ghazali, Farhanah (2012) Feeding habits of long-spined black sea urchin, Diadema setosum from Pangkor Island, Peninsular Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Azizan, Anas Al-Ansari (2012) Temporal variation of fish and shrimp assemblages in Merbok river estuary, Tanjung Dawai, Kedah. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Termida, Nursitihazlin (2006) The Fatality Index of Public Transport (Express Bus) in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Nazar, Shafinaz (2005) An Econometric Appraisal of Single Currency Model on Asian Countries. [Project Paper Report]

Ab. Ghani, Masnita (2005) Test Models for Software Testing. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Samad, Abdul Rahim (2005) Interrelationship between Income, Health and Environment : In a Case of Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Abdul Halim (2003) The Participation of Wood Based Sector in the Malaysian Research and Development Grant Scheme. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Anuar (2001) Tahap Penglibatan Pekerja-Pekerja Kilang dalam Program Rakan Muda Sektor Industri. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Fuad, Ahmad Farid (2001) Knowledge and Perception of Forest Conservation in the Forestry Department Headquarters of Peninsular Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Al-Sharafi, Ali Mohammed (2001) Registration System for the Faculty of Science - Sana'a University. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Samad, Rosleen (2001) Software Piracy Scenario Among Diploma Students Majoring in Information Systems Engineering. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Mariam (1999) Maximizing Performance Through Performance Management System: A Case Study in an Organization in the Banking Industry. [Project Paper Report]

Ali, Othman (1999) Pengurusan dan Pelaksanaan Kokurikulum Sekolah Menengah yang Dilabelkan Terbaik di Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Shukor, Nor Fadzila (1999) Permasalahan di Kalangan Mualaf dan Khidmat Sokongan oleh Perkim Negeri Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Rosli (1999) Keperluan Latihan di Kalangan Guru Bukan Siswazah (BS) Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS). [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Jamaliyah (1999) Risiko Kesihatan Akibat Stres di Kalangan Guru-Guru Sekolah Menengah Sekitar Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Bibi Kasmawati (1999) Teamworking as Practised by Personnel in the Sarawak State Civil Service. [Project Paper Report]

A. Maniam, Vikineswaran (1999) Antecedents, Outcomes and Controls of Staff Turnover in Selected Hotels in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Malek, Khalijah (1999) Keperluan Kompetensi Pegawai di Sebuah Perbadanan Kemajuan Ekonomi Negeri. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Mohamad Khairuddin (1999) Sikap Terhadap Penggunaan Komputer dalam Pengurusan dan Pentadbiran Sekolah di Kalangan Pengetua-Pengetua Sekolah Menengah di Negeri Sabah. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Nor Aziah (1999) Penggunaan Komputer di Kalangan Guru-Guru Sains di Daerah Hulu Langat: Satu Kajian Status. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Jalil, Mohd Jafni (1999) Amal Assurance Bhd: Direct Marketing Dilemma a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Ang, Sae Ming (1999) A Case Study on Children Marketing of KFC. [Project Paper Report]

Alagappar, Ponmalar (1999) A Case Study on Pharma Sdn Bhd - Focusing on the Vitamin C Business. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Hamid, Abidullah (1999) A Case Study on Puspamara Sendirian Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmed Eshkab, Ibrahim (1999) Population of Brown Shrike (Lanius Cristatus) in Grassland of University Putra Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Faridah Hanim (1998) Fundamental Issues and Problems that Hinder Effective Teamwork in a Merchant Bank. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah Sani, Kamal Shukri (1998) Sikap Pekerja Malaysia Terhadap Gaya Pengurusan Jepun: Satu Kajian Kes di Firma Jepun di Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Anwar, Latif (1998) Faktor-Faktor Nilai, Kekeluargaan dan Diri Serta Hubungannya dengan Pencapaian Akademik. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Ghani, Ahmad Affandi (1998) Kesahan Soalan Peperiksaan Berdasarkan Kepada Analisis Item Cara Kualitatif. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Wahab, Jamalullail (1998) Gaya Pengajaran Pensyarah di Sebuah Maktab Perguruan Terpilih dari Persepsi Guru Pelatih. [Project Paper Report]

Azizan, Norizan (1998) Managing Training in ISO 9002 : A Training Need Analysis of Officers in Direct Access, a Division of Southern Bank Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Rahim, Normaliza (1998) The Effectiveness of Communicative Games in Developing Speaking Skills of Form One Students in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Rahman, Dania (1998) Kefahaman Konsep Pengikutan Dalam Organisasi. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Rahman, Abdullah (1998) Pelaksanaan Dasar Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Murni di Tiga Agensi Induk Jabatan Perdana Menteri. [Project Paper Report]

Ab Shukor, Mohd Jan (1998) Tahap Penggunaan Projektor Overhead di Sekolah-Sekolah Luar Bandar: Satu Tinjauan. [Project Paper Report]

A. Rahman, Mahfar (1998) Marketing Strategy of Lembaga Tabung Haji A Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Abd Razak (1998) A Case Study On RN Konsult Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Zaniah (1998) Hubungan di Antara Komitmen Kepada Organisasi dengan Ganjaran. [Project Paper Report]

Adam, Shahzalan (1998) IAGE Sdn Bhd a Case Study on Strategic Planning. [Project Paper Report]

Abdel Karim, Abdel Aziz Adam (1998) Organisational Transformation of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Ibrahim, Tety Kurmalasari (1998) Pelaksanaan Pengajaran Tulisan Arab-Melayu dalam Kurikulum Muatan Lokal Pendidikan Dasar di Sekolah Dasar di Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Mohd Amin (1998) Pemindahan Latihan Program Bina Negara di Kalangan Guru-Guru Wilayah Persekutuan. [Project Paper Report]

Akhbar Khan, Bibi Zarjaan (1998) The Requirement for Higher Education for the Officer Corps of the Malaysian Army. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Rusli (1997) Kepuasan Kerja Pensyarah Diploma Perguruan Malaysia di Maktab Perguruan Islam Bangi. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Aziz, Abd. Rahman (1997) Penggunaan Media Elektronik Dalam Pengajaran Puisi di Peringkat Menengah Atas di Daerah -Sabak Bernam: Satu Tinjauan. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Mohamad Nor (1997) Hubungan Kepuasan Kerja Dengan Prestasi Kerja Dalam Organisasi Penyelidikan. [Project Paper Report]

Adnan, Affendy (1997) Case Study of "Value Based Management (VBM) in Petronas Gas". [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Othman (1997) Hubungan di Antara Kualiti Kehidupan Kerja dan Kesetiaan Kepada Organisasi di Kalangan Kakitangan Sokongan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Mariam (1997) The Impact of Total Quality Management in the Training of Teachers at Maktab Perguruan Perempuan Melayu Melaka. [Project Paper Report]

Alexandor, Robert Paul (1997) Improving Quality Systems in Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Using Analytical Hierarchy Process. [Project Paper Report]

Ab. Wahab, Rohana (1997) Job Motivation Among Researchers in Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT). [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Wahab, Abdul Murat (1997) Keberkesanan Khidmat Sokongan Pembelajaran dalam Program Pendidikan Jarak Jauh di UPM. [Project Paper Report]

Ali, Zaid (1997) Kebolehpercayaan dan Kesahan Ramalan Instrumen Pengujian Bahasa Melayu Peperiksaan Percubaan STPM. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Ghani, Norzah (1997) Kesan Latihan Imageri Terhadap Prestasi Kemahiran Motor Diskrit. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Abdul Rahim (1997) Pandangan Guru-Guru Yang Mengajar di Sekolah Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran Terhadap Rancangan Pendidikan Individu. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Nubli (1997) Persediaan Belia Islam untuk Berkahwin, Kajian dari Sudut Pengetahuan, dan Amalan. [Project Paper Report]

A. Jalil, Dzainuddin (1997) Power Corporation Sdn. Bhd. a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Ab Rahman, Roslinah (1997) Tahap Pencapaian Piawaian Asas Pusat Sumber Bagi Sekolah Sekolah Menengah Daerah Gombak Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan. Satu Tinjauan. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahim, Yaakob (1996) Keupayaan Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur Sebagai Pusat Pembangunan Bella Setempat Dari Pandangan Pegawai Dan Ahli Jawatankuasa. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Hamid, Mohd Halimi (1996) Adult Learners Motivational Orientations And Motivation Towards Programme Of The Institute For The Studies In Islamic Sciences. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Rahman, Jaafar (1996) Falsafah Program Pembangunan Insan: Anutan Di Beberapa Buah Agensi Di Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahim, Rohana (1996) Persepsi Pelajar Terhadap Mata Pelajaran Kemahiran Hidup Pilihan Pertanian. [Project Paper Report]

Ali Shah, Ishak (1996) Tanggapan Guru Pembimbing Terhadap Kusus Penyeliaan Latihan Mengajar di Maktab Perguruan Islam. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Sohime (1995) Keberkesanan Penilaian Prestasi Kerja Di Kalangan Pembantu Tadbir Di Kementerian Pertanian Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Mohd Fauzy (1994) Peranan Fakulti Kejuteraan Di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Dalam Mengeluarkan Graduan Bagi Memenuhi Keperluan Tenaga Kerja Industri. [Project Paper Report]

Amir, Zulfikar (1993) Faktor-Faktor Berkaitan Pelajar Malaysia Melanjutkan Pelajaran ke Institusi Pengajian Tinggi di Medan Indonesia. [Project Paper Report]

Abu Zarim, Zainal (1993) Persepsi Pegawai Tadbir Terhadap Program Latihan di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]


Bala Chandran, Raathi Devi (2019) Human-crocodile conflict in Sukau village, lower Kinabatangan, Sabah. [Project Paper Report]

Boon Sieng, Chan Thip (2018) Antagonistic activity of Xylaria sp. and Neopestalotiopsis egyptiaca against three tree pathogens. [Project Paper Report]

Boo, Ao Lin (2017) Detection of leptospirosis in a dog shelter. [Project Paper Report]

Balakrishnan, Thiviya (2017) Seroprevalence of melioidosis among small ruminants in Foster Farm Programme of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Buang, Nazrul Ashraff (2016) Visitor's perception of Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. [Project Paper Report]

Baharuddin, Muhammad Fadhli (2016) Water quality status of mangrove forest in Sungai Sepetang and Sungai Tiram Laut, Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Boey, Jin Wern (2016) Determination of the relationship between ultrasonographic measurements of longissimus dorsi, backfat and body wall thickness with body weight and testicular morphometry in breeding bucks. [Project Paper Report]

Baharun, Sarinah (2015) Production of rhamnolipid biosurfactant by Pseudomonas aeruginosa using sunflower oil and glucose as carbon sources. [Project Paper Report]

Basirun, Ain Aqilah (2015) The assessment of cholinesterase from the muscle of Anabas testudineus as detection of metal ions. [Project Paper Report]

Bay, Jessie Ji Xi (2015) Comparison of skull dimensions and their respective dentition in relation to its biting forces in Rottweiler, Dobermann, German Shepherd and local dogs in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Bakri, Abu Na'im (2012) Some haematological and biochemical parameters of endangered in snakehead (Channa striatus). [Project Paper Report]

Badaruddin, Nur Hayati (1999) Korelasi Antara Amalan Belajar dan Pencapaian dalam Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Melayu di Kalangan Pelajar Tingkatan Empat. [Project Paper Report]

Baputey, Sulaiman (1998) Factors Affecting the Success of Bumiputra Franchisees in Business. [Project Paper Report]

Bahari, Siti Fathiyah Hanim (1998) Failure to Meet Due Date of Delivery to Customer. [Project Paper Report]

Brahim, Noraizan (1998) Faktor Pemilihan dan Pola Persahabatan Kanak-Kanak Prasekolah. [Project Paper Report]

Buamoud, Omran F. (1998) The Financial Performance of Islamic Bank in Malaysia: A Comparative Study. [Project Paper Report]

Bukari, Mohamad Johar (1998) Masalah Pekerja Muda dan Persepsi Mereka Terhadap Program Latihan: Kajian Kes Program Kepimpinan Perdana Jati Diri Pekerja Muda. [Project Paper Report]

Buntal, Mohd Yazid (1997) Kematangan Kerjaya di Kalangan Pelajar-Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Atas. [Project Paper Report]

Batubara, Abd.muhyi (1996) Amalan Aktiviti Masa Lapang Remaja Sekolah Di Kotamadya Medan. [Project Paper Report]

Bunye, Laura L. (1990) Organosolv Pulping of Paraserianthes Falcataria. [Project Paper Report]


Che Ismail, Atikah (2019) Dead wood characteristics influencing macrofungal diversity in Sg. Menyala Forest Reserve and Kenaboi Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan. [Project Paper Report]

Chanmontri, Siravidh (2019) Effect of capital structure on profitability performance of wood-based companies listed in Bursa Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Chang, Wai Loong (2019) Firm size and solvency performance of wood-based companies listed in Bursa Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Cher, Jia Dong (2019) Properties of green particleboard made with citric acid, furfuryl alcohol and palm oil. [Project Paper Report]

Choong, Jia Jie (2018) Detection of antibodies against leptospira serovars in dogs and cats in an indigenous village, Belum, Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Chew, Xuan-Yee (2018) Evaluation of alveolar bone micromorphological changes in experimentally induced periodontal disease rat model by using micro-computer tomography (Micro-CT). [Project Paper Report]

Chin, Meixin (2018) Prevalence of cardiomyopathy in apparently healthy cats. [Project Paper Report]

Cheng, Yee Hong (2018) The antimicrobial activity of honey from four species of Malaysian stingless bees, Trigona apicalis, Trigona carnifrons, Trigona itama and Trigona thoracica. [Project Paper Report]

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