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Ahmad Termida, Nursitihazlin (2006) The Fatality Index of Public Transport (Express Bus) in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad Nazar, Shafinaz (2005) An Econometric Appraisal of Single Currency Model on Asian Countries. [Project Paper Report]

Ab. Ghani, Masnita (2005) Test Models for Software Testing. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Samad, Abdul Rahim (2005) Interrelationship between Income, Health and Environment : In a Case of Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Al-Sharafi, Ali Mohammed (2001) Registration System for the Faculty of Science - Sana'a University. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Shukor, Nor Fadzila (1999) Permasalahan di Kalangan Mualaf dan Khidmat Sokongan oleh Perkim Negeri Perak. [Project Paper Report]

Abdullah, Bibi Kasmawati (1999) Teamworking as Practised by Personnel in the Sarawak State Civil Service. [Project Paper Report]

A. Maniam, Vikineswaran (1999) Antecedents, Outcomes and Controls of Staff Turnover in Selected Hotels in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Malek, Khalijah (1999) Keperluan Kompetensi Pegawai di Sebuah Perbadanan Kemajuan Ekonomi Negeri. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Jalil, Mohd Jafni (1999) Amal Assurance Bhd: Direct Marketing Dilemma a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Ang, Sae Ming (1999) A Case Study on Children Marketing of KFC. [Project Paper Report]

Alagappar, Ponmalar (1999) A Case Study on Pharma Sdn Bhd - Focusing on the Vitamin C Business. [Project Paper Report]

Abd Hamid, Abidullah (1999) A Case Study on Puspamara Sendirian Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Faridah Hanim (1998) Fundamental Issues and Problems that Hinder Effective Teamwork in a Merchant Bank. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Ghani, Ahmad Affandi (1998) Kesahan Soalan Peperiksaan Berdasarkan Kepada Analisis Item Cara Kualitatif. [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Rahman, Dania (1998) Kefahaman Konsep Pengikutan Dalam Organisasi. [Project Paper Report]

A. Rahman, Mahfar (1998) Marketing Strategy of Lembaga Tabung Haji A Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Abd Razak (1998) A Case Study On RN Konsult Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Ahmad, Zaniah (1998) Hubungan di Antara Komitmen Kepada Organisasi dengan Ganjaran. [Project Paper Report]

Adam, Shahzalan (1998) IAGE Sdn Bhd a Case Study on Strategic Planning. [Project Paper Report]

Abdel Karim, Abdel Aziz Adam (1998) Organisational Transformation of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Akhbar Khan, Bibi Zarjaan (1998) The Requirement for Higher Education for the Officer Corps of the Malaysian Army. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahman, Mohamad Nor (1997) Hubungan Kepuasan Kerja Dengan Prestasi Kerja Dalam Organisasi Penyelidikan. [Project Paper Report]

Adnan, Affendy (1997) Case Study of "Value Based Management (VBM) in Petronas Gas". [Project Paper Report]

Abd. Ghani, Norzah (1997) Kesan Latihan Imageri Terhadap Prestasi Kemahiran Motor Diskrit. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Nubli (1997) Persediaan Belia Islam untuk Berkahwin, Kajian dari Sudut Pengetahuan, dan Amalan. [Project Paper Report]

A. Jalil, Dzainuddin (1997) Power Corporation Sdn. Bhd. a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Abdul Rahim, Rohana (1996) Persepsi Pelajar Terhadap Mata Pelajaran Kemahiran Hidup Pilihan Pertanian. [Project Paper Report]


Baputey, Sulaiman (1998) Factors Affecting the Success of Bumiputra Franchisees in Business. [Project Paper Report]

Bahari, Siti Fathiyah Hanim (1998) Failure to Meet Due Date of Delivery to Customer. [Project Paper Report]

Brahim, Noraizan (1998) Faktor Pemilihan dan Pola Persahabatan Kanak-Kanak Prasekolah. [Project Paper Report]

Buamoud, Omran F. (1998) The Financial Performance of Islamic Bank in Malaysia: A Comparative Study. [Project Paper Report]

Buntal, Mohd Yazid (1997) Kematangan Kerjaya di Kalangan Pelajar-Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Atas. [Project Paper Report]

Batubara, Abd.muhyi (1996) Amalan Aktiviti Masa Lapang Remaja Sekolah Di Kotamadya Medan. [Project Paper Report]

Bunye, Laura L. (1990) Organosolv Pulping of Paraserianthes Falcataria. [Project Paper Report]


Che Mamat, Che Hassan Pahmi (1999) A Case Study on Islamic Bank Malaysia Berhad: In Search for Bigger Share. [Project Paper Report]

Chew, Yoke Mol (1999) Case Study of Biopro (M) Sdn. Bhd. the Strategic Management Plan. [Project Paper Report]

Chew, Shek Nee (1999) A Case Study on Non Performing Loans: Hong Leong Finance's Experience. [Project Paper Report]

Chow, Sook Mung (1999) A Case Study on Watson's Personal Care Stores Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Choo, Kok Meng (1999) Magnus Management Consultants the Survival Dilemma. [Project Paper Report]

Chor, Choy Yook (1999) Selayang Hospital Project. [Project Paper Report]

Chakrabarty, Leela (1998) Comparative Analysis of Class Reader Exercises: Approaches Of Writers. [Project Paper Report]

Chang, Ling Foon (1998) An Empirical Study On Malaysian Ipos And Their Profit Forecasts. [Project Paper Report]

Choong, Chee Yoong (1997) A Case Study: The Case of PPB Hartabina Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Che Din, Noor Hisham (1997) Job Satisfaction of Engineers in Engineering Consultant Firms. [Project Paper Report]

Chen, Fong Main (1997) Project: Case-Management in Chaos. [Project Paper Report]


Dahalan, Muhd. Puat (2001) Regeneration Potential of the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest (NSPSF). [Project Paper Report]


Effendi , Rachman (1990) Productivity and Efficiency of Plywood Peeling: A Case Study. [Project Paper Report]


Fong, Chee Khuen (1999) Golden Plantation Berhad: Proposed Acquisition of Plaza Cahaya. [Project Paper Report]


Gan, Rubee Hui Cheng (1999) Corporate Culture In Bumiputra And Non-Bumiputra Dominant Organization. [Project Paper Report]

Gan, Rubee Hui Cheng (1999) Corporate Culture in Bumiputra and Non-Bumiputera Dominant Organization. [Project Paper Report]

Ghazali, Siti Norainul Azam (1998) Tri/Celcom: Fixed Services Division Strategic Analysis Factors and Strategies. [Project Paper Report]

Gan, Boon Ting (1997) A Case Study: Champion Photochemistry (M) Sdn Bhd. [Project Paper Report]


Hoo, Cheong Yee (2003) Electronic Book of Network Security: Introduction to Network Security. [Project Paper Report]

Hj.Che Mamat, Che Hassan Pahmi (1999) A Case Study On Islamic Bank Malaysia Berhad: In Search For Bigger Share. [Project Paper Report]

Ho, Kenneth Tat Meng (1998) Currency Board Versus Central Bank in a Currency Crisis. [Project Paper Report]

Hj A. Rahman, Mahfar (1998) Marketing Strategy Of Lembaga Tabung Haji A Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Husain, Basrun (1997) Koperasi Waja and its Subsidiary Maju Jaya Sdn Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Hj.Jantan, Yakcob (1995) Amalan Pengurusan Kualiti Menyeluruh (Tqm) Di Beberapa Agensi Kerajaan. [Project Paper Report]


Ismail, Rahmat (1997) Cape Elegance Sdn. Bhd. ("CESB") a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Ibrahim, Sabariah (1997) Faktor Pendorong Pekerja Teknikal Memasuki Profesion Perguruan. [Project Paper Report]

Ibrahim, Mustafa (1997) Penerimaan Pelaksanaan Penilaian Prestasi Sistem Saraan Baru. [Project Paper Report]

Ibrahim, Abu Hassan (1997) Transfer of Training Among Teachers Attending Short Courses. [Project Paper Report]

Ibrahim, Rushdan (1990) A Soda-Anthraquinone Pulping Of Acacia Mangium. [Project Paper Report]


Jalaludin, Zaihan (2001) Effect of Thickness and Radius on the Springback of Bent Rubberwood. [Project Paper Report]

Jemain, Johari (1997) Managing A Change: Case History of a Bumiputera Entrepreneur. [Project Paper Report]


Kamarudin, A'iniah (2005) Information Technology Asset Management System Web Based Application. [Project Paper Report]

Kandasamy, Pathmanathan (2002) Online Ordering System for Kumpulan Ikatan Perusahaan Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Kumut, Badrul Hisam (2001) Cost and Earning Structure of Logging Industry in the State of Sabah. [Project Paper Report]

Kolan De Velu, Saravanan (2000) Performance Evaluation of FDDI Network Using Synchronous Traffic. [Project Paper Report]

Khoo, Beng Kiat (1999) Neptune Orient Lines Ltd.: Sailing Through Uncharted Sea. [Project Paper Report]

Khoo, Kok Leong (1997) Kimco Metal Sdn. Bhd. a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Karmin, (1990) The Quality Of Finishes On Plantation Grown Timber Species. [Project Paper Report]


Liew, Siong Ching (2001) An Evaluation of the Output of Rubber Forest Plantation. [Project Paper Report]

Loo, Kevin Teow Aik (2001) Genetic Algorithm for Web Data Mining. [Project Paper Report]

Low, Siow Ngo (1999) Gender Differences in Computer Readiness Among Smart School Teachers. [Project Paper Report]

Liew, Siew Fah (1999) Learning Organization Practices: A Case of S.E.H. (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Lai, Kok Heng (1999) Case Writing on the Training Department of PM Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Lim, Cheng Seong (1999) Technocoat Group (M) Sdn Bhd Go Or Not To Go. [Project Paper Report]

Lim, Joshua Yoke Long (1998) A Case Study on BHL Bank at the Cross Roads. [Project Paper Report]

Lee, Francis Kim Sun (1997) Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd: Marketing Strategy 1998-2000. [Project Paper Report]

Lim, Yoke Khian (1997) LNI-Adcal Auto Parts Sdn. Bhd. a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Liew, Sung Fatt (1990) Increasing Sawntimber Recovery by Target Size Reduction. [Project Paper Report]


Mohamad @ Sulaiman, Hanissah (2002) The Performance of Bootstrap Confidence Intervals of Cрк Index Based on Mm-Estimator. [Project Paper Report]

Mohd Noh, Faizul (2002) Studio Management System. [Project Paper Report]

Mohammad Injadat, Mohammad Noor Ahmad (2001) Arabic Grammar Educational System (AGES). [Project Paper Report]

Mohd Zainal, Zaabar (1999) Perkaitan Antara Komitmen Organisasi dengan Iklim Organisasi. [Project Paper Report]

Mohamed, Mahasin Gadalla (1999) Conceptions of Learning Among the Sudanese Students in Universiti Putra Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Mohamed Ariffin, Mohamed Fadzil (1999) Public Affairs Division at AMR Bank. [Project Paper Report]

Mohd Sarbini, Mohd Sabirin (1999) Strategic Management a Case of Nusantara Worldwide Insurance (M) Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Marzuki, Mohd Zain (1998) Kesesuaian Prosedur Kloz untuk Menguji Pemahaman Bahasa Melayu. [Project Paper Report]

Mohd Noor, Ahmad Fathi (1998) Case Study PAB Unit Trust Management Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Mazlan, Mufadzir Huzaireen (1998) A Case Study on Business Strategy of Lion Sankyu Tekko Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Muthiah, Vellayadevan (1998) Employee Recruitment: Strategies for Greater Attraction. [Project Paper Report]

Mohd Tahir, Ahmad Zahari (1998) Managing Service Quality in Akademi Laut Malaysia, Melaka. [Project Paper Report]

Maniam, Rukumani Devi (1998) Tolerance Towards Malaysian English As a New Variety of English. [Project Paper Report]

Mohd Kassim, Radzuan (1997) A Case Study on the Strategy of Bank Negara Malaysia to Curb Loan Growth. [Project Paper Report]

Mamat, Saburiah (1997) A Case Study: Kolej YPM Kuala Lumpur. [Project Paper Report]

Mat Said, Aini (1997) Work-Family Conflict and Coping Behaviour: A Study of Married Nurses. [Project Paper Report]


Nadarajan, Vimala (2002) Hj. Samuri Sate Kajang Office Automation Using Lotus Notes Application. [Project Paper Report]

Nordin, Azmi (2001) Analysis of Tender Prices of Stateland Forest Area in Pahang. [Project Paper Report]

Ngooi, Voon Nee (2001) Export Trend of Wooden Furniture from Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Nair, Sivadas Govindan (1999) The New Management Environment in Globe Silk Store. [Project Paper Report]

Ng, Chee Heng (1998) Principal Leadership and Educational Excellence. [Project Paper Report]

Narayanan, Subramani (1997) Is Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange an Emerging Market? [Project Paper Report]

Nik Mustafa, Nik Hazma (1997) Technology Park Malaysia the Quality of Research & Development in Biotechnology. [Project Paper Report]


Othman, Ahmad Fauzi (2001) Evaluating the Cost of Quality in the Furniture Factory. [Project Paper Report]

Omar, Nik Hairi (1998) Penyertaan Penduduk Bandar Baru Bangi dalam Pendidikan dan Latihan. [Project Paper Report]

Othman, Mohd Zainudin (1998) The Case of Kinta Bateri Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Ooi, Chooi Lee (1998) Chemasia Engineering Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]


P. Muttu, Kumar (1999) An Aggressive Strategy for Asia Commercial Finance (M) Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Padmasiri, K. Don Ranjith (1999) Regent School of Economics a Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Prayitno, Irwan (1996) Profil Personaliti Belia Dan Hubungannya Dengan Disiplin Ibu Bapa. [Project Paper Report]


Ramli, Sohimi (1999) Income Smoothing - an Analysis on the Current Evidence of Research. [Project Paper Report]

Rajasingam Solomon, Caroline Selvarani (1998) Composing Through the Transformation Technique. [Project Paper Report]

Rachaneewan, Charoenwanying (1991) Water Pollution in Wood-Based Industries in Thailand: Case Study of a Hardboard Factory. [Project Paper Report]


Saharedan, Mohd Shahril (2005) Prototype Security Door Access System. [Project Paper Report]

Sovanny, Chhum (2001) An Analysis of Performance of Forest Concessionaires in Cambodia. [Project Paper Report]

Sarbini, Asriah (1999) Pola dan Faktor Penyebab Permasalahan Kanak-Kanak Awal Remaja. [Project Paper Report]

Soh, Francis Han Leng (1999) A Case Study on Camberwell Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Selvanayagam, Karunaharan (1999) A Case Study on Star Publications (M) Bhd Next Course of Action. [Project Paper Report]

Suhaimi, Marihah (1998) Characteristics of Successful Women Entrepreneurs. [Project Paper Report]

Siaw, Ching Foon (1998) The Impact of ISO 9000 Certification to the Organization Performance. [Project Paper Report]

See, Meng Liong (1998) Malaysia France Institute and Advance Technology: A Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Sivapragasam, Yoganathan (1998) Technology Transfer in Software Development and Business Solutions. [Project Paper Report]

Suhaimi, Mazlina (1997) A Case Study on Kencana Specialist Hospital. [Project Paper Report]

S. Rajendran, (1997) Intellectual Property Rights in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Sivagnanam, Selvendran (1997) Kelewatan Proses Pembayaran Balik Cukai Berlebihan di Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri. [Project Paper Report]

Samsi, Hamdan (1997) Management Effectiveness in Financial Institutions. [Project Paper Report]

Subramaniam, Vickneswaran (1997) Management Information System at Hume Cemboard Fibre Cement Division. [Project Paper Report]

Sinnasamy, Ponusamy (1997) The Rise and Fall of Malaysian Labour Organisation - (MLO) A Case Study. [Project Paper Report]

Shaharuddin, Mohd Firdawos (1994) Kemajuan Pembangunan Nelayan Di Kawasan Pembangunan Nelayan (KPN) Besut, Terengganu. [Project Paper Report]

Sutopo, Sry (1991) Gluing Performance of Mixed Hardwood Tabletop. [Project Paper Report]


Tan, Yi Yein (2003) Development of Online Facilities Booking System. [Project Paper Report]

Tan, Jih Tsair (2003) A Packing-Line Productivity Assessment of Particleboard Furniture. [Project Paper Report]

Tang, Kwong Yin (1999) A Case Study of Strategic Planning for Perdana Cigna Insurance Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

Tan, It Hong (1998) Quality Tracking System and Cowboy Semiconductors (M) Sdn Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

T., Mahendran (1997) Can Calvary Survive? [Project Paper Report]

Tan, Bee Swan (1997) The Forecast Accuracy Of Second Board IPOs (1989 – 1994). [Project Paper Report]

Taib, Muhamed Ghazali (1988) A Corporate Strategy for AIROD Sendirian Berhad (1988 - 1994). [Project Paper Report]


V. Damodaram, Josephine Leela (1998) An Investigation on the Variety of English Used by Students in the ESL Classroom. [Project Paper Report]

Vellanthurai, Shanmughanathan (1998) Tax Illiteracy among Taxpayers in Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]


Wong, Hong Cheng (1998) The Influence of Humour on Creative Thinking. [Project Paper Report]

Wan Muda, Wan Zainuddin (1997) A Case Study on Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (Facing the International Challenges). [Project Paper Report]

Wong, Yuet Chee (1997) Interrole Conflict and Social Support: A Study of Married Women Nurses. [Project Paper Report]

Wan Sulaiman, Wan Maharuddin (1991) Kredibiliti Akhbar Tempatan: Satu Analisis Mengenai Isu Politik Semasa. [Project Paper Report]


Yong, Wooi Kee (1999) Corporate Planning for Kuala Lumpur City Securities Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Yong, Chee Leong (1998) An Overview of the East-Asian Economic Crisis. [Project Paper Report]

Yil, Kiong Ung (1997) A Case Study on Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. [Project Paper Report]

Yeoh, Chin Hoe (1997) Gurun Pottery Sdn Bhd. [Project Paper Report]


Zamah Shari, Nur Hajar (1999) Stumpage Appraisal Using Tender Price in Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. [Project Paper Report]

Zakariah, Zulhairi (1997) Kumpulan Melaka Berhad. [Project Paper Report]

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