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Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2014) Novel compound for use as medicament for treatment of hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis. PI2014704025.

Norhani Abdullah (2014) An apparatus for removing contaminants from palm kernel cake and a method thereof. PI2014703428.

Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2014) Bioassay for detection of xenobiotics. PI2014703241.

Suraya Abdul Rashid (2014) Graphene ribbons and a process for preparation thereof. PI2014703236.

Syafinaz Amin Nordin (2014) A blood agar for detecting pathogen. PI2014703011.

Hidayah Ariffin (2014) Bio-based crotonic acid production. PI2014702609.

Siti Salwa Abd. Gani (2014) Cosmeceutical formulation, use thereof and method of preparation thereof. PI2014702545.

Arbakariya Ariff (2014) New expression vector for microalgae. PI2014701850.

Marzanah A. Jabar (2014) System and method for determining and structuring of software requirements using domain ontology. PI2014701481.

Md. Zuki Abu Bakar @ Zakaria (2014) Nanocrystal delivery vehicle. PI2014700370.

Abd. Rahim Abu Talib (2013) Injection molding using a novel binder system based on palm oil derivatives. PI2013004110.

Mohd Yazid Abd Manap (2013) Extract having protease activity. PI20084588.

Luqman Chuah Abdullah (2013) Composition comprising phaleria leaf extract having anti-cancer activity. PI2013701953.

Desa Ahmad (2013) A tuber vegetation harvester. PI2013701939.

Md. Zuki Abu Bakar @ Zakaria (2013) Nanocomposite bone scaffold. PI2013701377.

Rusli Abdullah (2013) An application framework for managing knowledge in open source software development. PI2013701161.

Mohd Fadlee A. Rasid (2013) A system and method for providing services in telemedicine application. PI2013701135.

Md. Zuki Abu Bakar @ Zakaria (2013) Nanocomposite paste for bone repair. PI2013001701.

Arbakariya Ariff (2013) Composition comprising red rice fermentation product and preparation. PI2013700215.

Fariz Adzmi (2013) Encapsulation of biocontrol agent. PI2013700219.

Rasedee Abdullah (2013) A composition for treating leukemia. PI2013700213.

Ishak Aris (2012) Livestock management and automation system using radio waves. PI2011005990.

Ahmad Bustamam Abdul (2012) Anti cancer composition. PI2012700741.

Zulkifly Abbas (2012) A system and a method to determine moisture content of agricultural raw material. PI2012003190.

Syahrilnizam Abdullah (2012) Gold nano particles for use in therapeutic methods. PI2012003058.

Abdul Razak Alimon (2012) Microbial feed additive. PI2012001821.

Luqman Chuah Abdullah (2012) Polyolefin composition. PI2010001763.

Suraya Abdul Rashid (2012) Method and composition for making watertight cement based concrete product utilizing silica nanoparticles and rice husk ash. PI2012000678.

Arbakariya Ariff (2012) Purification of kojic acid. PI2012000679.

Ahmad Bustamam Abdul (2012) Use of an anti-cancer compound. 078344529.5.

Ishak Aris (2011) An electronic language teaching system for visual-disabled. PI2011006274.

Ishak Aris (2011) Linear motor. PI2011005987.

Ishak Aris (2011) A spray gun. PI2011005991.

Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman (2011) Formulation for coating material. UNSPECIFIED.

Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah (2011) Early detection of Ganoderma boninense infection in oil palm based on expression of fatty acid biosynthesis pathway genes. PI2011005384.

Osumanu Haruna Ahmed (2011) An improved plant treatment agent. PI2011003712.

Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah (2011) Method for producing quinoline and the use thereof. PI2011003557.

Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2011) Acyrlamide degrader and method of utilizing the same. PI2011003337.

Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2011) Bioremediation of phenol pollution. PI2011003336.

Abd. Rahim Abu Talib (2011) Safety syringe. PI2011700110.

Arbakariya Ariff (2011) Heterotrophic algal production method. PI2011003151.

Khalina Abdan (2011) A process of bonding between a lignocelluloses fiber and polymer. UNSPECIFIED.

Osumanu Haruna Ahmed (2011) An improved plant treatment. PI2011002910.

Suraini Abdul Aziz (2011) Crude cellulase cocktail for lignocellulosic materials degradation. UNSPECIFIED.

Ahmad Bustamam Abdul (2011) Girinimbine for use as anti cancer agent. PI2011700075.

Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab Kadir (2011) Low cost surge protective device for communication and data line systems. PI2011001775.

Fatimah Abu Bakar (2011) An anticancer composition. PI2011001617.

Fatimah Abu Bakar (2011) An antimicrobial composition. PI2011001616.

Fatimah Abu Bakar (2011) An antiviral composition. PI2011001615.

Zalinah Ahmad (2011) A method for extracting protein from pectin rich plant material. PI2011700031.

Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab Kadir (2011) Surge protective device for low voltage equipment. PI2011001320.

Ahmad Fauzi Abas @ Ismail (2011) Compact high power laser source. PI2011001281.

Desa Ahmad (2011) A pneumatic seeding machine. PI2011000816.

Aidy Ali (2011) A functionally graded material disk and method for fabricating thereof. PI2011000745.

Ahmad Fauzi Abas @ Ismail (2011) A duty cycle division multiplexing with amplitude distribution controller transmitter. PI2011000019.

Arbakariya Ariff (2010) Production of kojic acid. PI2010006261.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2010) Bio-dewatering by liquid state bioconversion process of sewage treatment plant sludge under natural conditions. PI2010006186.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2010) Synthesized tin-activated carbon adsorbent and its application in pressure swing adsorption for purification of hydrogen gas. UNSPECIFIED.

Azrina Azlan (2010) An edible oil as cocoa butter substitute for maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels and improvement of antioxidant status. PI2010005584.

Aidy Ali (2010) Ballistic resistant laminate. PI2010005286.

Norhafizah Abdullah (2010) Bacteria for the degradation and modification of fats, oils, and grease. PI2010005193.

Luqman Chuah Abdullah (2010) Method of adsorbing dye in aqueous solution. PI2010005028.

Azrina Azlan (2010) A method of maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels and improvement of antioxidant status. PI2010005011.

Lau Wei Hong (2010) A process for producing biological control agent. UNSPECIFIED.

Osumanu Haruna Ahmed (2010) Compost ingredient and its use in crop cultivation. PI2010004792.

Lai Oi Ming (2010) Process for fractional crystallisation of palm-based diacylglycerol fat. PI2010004803.

Desa Ahmad (2010) An apparatus for tilling soil. PI2010004802.

Zalinah Ahmad (2010) GLP-1 promoter mediated insulin expression for the treatment of diabetes. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman (2010) Immobilized enzyme using a mica carrier. PI2010004391.

Luqman Chuah Abdullah (2010) A composite composition. PI2010004392.

Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman (2010) A process for producing levulinate and succinate esters. PI2010004139.

Rijalani Ab. Ghani (2010) Leg restrainer. PI2010003833.

Desa Ahmad (2010) A fibrous crops harvesting system. PI2010003686.

Fatimah Abu Bakar (2010) Detection of formaldehyde. PI2010003432.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2010) Cellulase immobilized on a composite carrier. PI2010003276.

Azizah Abdul Hamid (2010) A process for producing antioxidant and catechin extracts from Morinda citrifolia leaf. PI2010003170.

Zeenathul Nazariah Allaudin (2010) Truncated VP3 protein as anti-tumor agent. PI2010003113.

Abd. Rahim Abu Talib (2010) Non-penetrative blood container and apparatus for vacuuming the same. PI2010700039.

Ahmad Bustamam Abdul (2010) Extracts of Typhonium flagelliforme tubers for treatment of leukemia. UNSPECIFIED.

Zeenathul Nazariah Allaudin (2010) Recombinant vectors for the treatment of tumor cells. UNSPECIFIED.

Khalina Abdan (2010) A method for forwarding materials. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2010) Assay for heavy metals. UNSPECIFIED.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2010) Liquid State Bioconversion of Sewage Treatment Plant Sludge. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2009) Determination of iron. UNSPECIFIED.

Ahmed Osumanu Haruna (2009) A fertiliser composition. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman (2009) Antifreeze peptides derived from fungal protein. UNSPECIFIED.

Ahmad Fauzi Abas @ Ismail (2009) Absolute polar duty cycle division multiplexing for optical communication. PI20095257.

Ahmad Fauzi Abas @ Ismail (2009) A new multiplexer, demultiplexer and data recovery rules for duty cycle division multiplexing technique for optical communication. UNSPECIFIED.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2009) An improved continuous sterilization process for palm oil milling process. UNSPECIFIED.

Zulkhairi Amom (2009) Composition for improving lipid profile with anti-atheromatous properties. UNSPECIFIED.

Zeenathul Nazariah Allaudin (2009) Retroviral nucleic acid and method of use. UNSPECIFIED.

Md. Zuki Abu Bakar@Zakaria (2009) Myoblast seeded bovine pericardium for repair of abdominal wall defect. UNSPECIFIED.

Md. Zuki Abu Bakar@Zakaria (2009) Myoblast seeded bovine tunica vaginalis for repair abdominal wall defects and method for preparing the same. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammad Khazani Abdullah (2009) Application of tilt variable optical attenuator in optical amplifier to Correct stimulated raman scattering. UNSPECIFIED.

Rodziah Atan (2009) A safety-based flight scheduler and management system. UNSPECIFIED.

Luqman Chuah Abdullah (2009) Building products having phase change materials and method of making the same. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2009) Enzyme assay for metal-reducing enzyme. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman (2009) Method for epoxidation of plant oils. PCT/MY2009/000033.

Azrina Azlan (2009) Method for preparing of germinated brown rice (GBR) porridge. UNSPECIFIED.

Jamaliah Abdul Hamid (2009) Metadata network visualizer. UNSPECIFIED.

Osumanu Haruna Ahmed (2009) Method of isolating humic acid. UNSPECIFIED.

Md. Zuki Abu Bakar @ Zakaria (2009) Porous bioceramic composition for bone repair. UNSPECIFIED.

Azrina Azlan (2008) A vegetable oil and/or fats. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Yazid Abd Manap (2008) Process for the production of betacyanin pigments. UNSPECIFIED.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2008) A process for treating wastewater. PCT/MY2008/000070.

Janna Ong Abdullah (2008) Bioactive extract having blood anticoagulant activity. UNSPECIFIED.

Ishak Aris (2008) A portable lightning detector system using programmable logic controller. UNSPECIFIED.

Ishak Aris (2008) A multi-beam optical scanning device. UNSPECIFIED.

Suraya Abdul Rashid (2008) A chemical vapour deposition reactor for carbon fibre surface treatment. UNSPECIFIED.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2007) Compress natural gas composite tank for vehicles. UNSPECIFIED.

Norhafizah Abdullah (2007) A method to prepare linamarin microparticles and a formulation derives thereof. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Maarof Abd. Moksin (2007) A method for measuring thermal diffusivity of high conductivity foil. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammad Khazani Abdullah (2007) Modulation of signals in optical systems. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammad Khazani Abdullah (2007) RZ duty cycle multiplexing. UNSPECIFIED.

Ishak Aris (2007) A robot for handling hazardous chemical. UNSPECIFIED.

Ishak Aris (2006) An apparatus for treating building surfaces and the like. UNSPECIFIED.

Faridah Abdullah (2006) Novel isolate of trichoderma, compositions containing the same and thereof. UNSPECIFIED.

Elsadiq Mahdi Ahmed Saad (2006) Crash-energy absorbing structure and method of fabrication. UNSPECIFIED.

Abdul Azis Ariffin (2006) An improve sterilization process to increase palm oil extraction rate. UNSPECIFIED.

Norhafizah Abdullah (2006) Therapeutic agent for treating cancer. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd. Razali Abdul Kadir (2005) Interlocking mortarless load bearing building block systems / Putra Block. UNSPECIFIED.

Raha Abdul Rahim (2004) Method for delivery and display of substances on cell surface. UNSPECIFIED.

Raha Abdul Rahim (2004) A process and kit for isolation and purifying biology materials. UNSPECIFIED.

Fakhru`l Razi Ahmadun (2004) Floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition method of synthesizing carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers-CVD. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor (2004) Biosssay for heavy metals. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammad Khazani Abdullah (2003) Double pass optical amplifier. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammad Khazani Abdullah (2003) Automatic optical switch. UNSPECIFIED.

Fakhru'l-Razi Ahmadun (2003) Solid state bioconversion of domestic wastewater treatment plant sludge into compost. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohammad Khazani Abdullah (2003) Optical fibre duplexer module. UNSPECIFIED.


Jamilah Bakar (2014) Edible packaging film. PI2014702538.

Edi Suhaimi Bakar (2014) A method of producing compreg oil palm wood. PI2014700947.

B. T. Hang Tuah Baharudin (2013) Portable constant load tensile-corrosion test system. PI2013701936.

Mahiran Basri (2013) A multiple emulsion composition and a method of producing the emulsion. PI2013701379.

Edi Suhaimi Bakar (2012) An apparatus to convert cylindrical shaped objects to flat sheet objects and a method thereof. PI2012001327.

Abdul Rani Bahaman (2011) A diagnostic kit for the detection of early acute leptospirosis. PI2011700101.

Mahiran Basri (2011) Production of wax esters. P00200400665.

Mahiran Basri (2010) A pesticide composition. UNSPECIFIED.

Mahiran Basri (2009) Process for producing wax ester from dihydroxy fatty acid. UNSPECIFIED.

Mahiran Basri (2009) An emulsion system derives from engkabang fat esters. UNSPECIFIED.

Mahiran Basri (2009) A topical applied formulation containing illipe fat and/or ester and a method producing the same. UNSPECIFIED.

Mahiran Basri (2009) Pharmaceutical composition of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. UNSPECIFIED.

Badlishah Sham Bahari (2008) The method and apparatus for degumming of crude palm oil by membrane filtration. UNSPECIFIED.

Jamilah Bakar (2008) Collagen extraction from aquatic animals. UNSPECIFIED.

Mahiran Basri (2008) Enantioselective immobilized lipase. UNSPECIFIED.

Badlishah Sham Bahari (2007) Process for producing phytonutrient enriched diacylglycerols. UNSPECIFIED.

Mahiran Basri (2006) Process for producing wax ester from dihydroxy fatty acid. UNSPECIFIED.

Badlishah Sham Bahari (2003) Method of vitamin E recovery. UNSPECIFIED.


Cheah Yoke Kqueen (2014) Barrientosiimonas humi for medical use. PI2014701849.

Cheah Yoke Kqueen (2013) Salmonella enterica serovar agona for anti-tumor therapy. PI2013702237.

Chong Gun Hean (2012) Method and apparatus for removing moisture from at least one product. PI2012701215.

Thomas Choong Shean Yaw (2012) Method and composition for making mesoporous carbon coated monolith. PI2012001326.

Chong Pei Pei (2011) A method for detecting candida species in a specimen by polymerase chain reaction. PI2011000631.

Luqman Chuah Abdullah (2010) Synthesis of nanometer-sized ceramic particles. PI2010006072.

Chin Nyuk Ling (2010) A method and apparatus for high intensity ultrasonic treatment Of baking materials. PI2010004677.

Yaakub Che Man (2010) Porcine detection and methods thereof. PI2010700044.

Yaakub Che Man (2009) A method for identifying a pork content in a food. UNSPECIFIED.

Chong Pei Pei (2009) Method and composition for cell wall lysis. UNSPECIFIED.

Yaakub Che Man (2008) A method for identifying pigskin content in leather products. UNSPECIFIED.

Chong Pei Pei (2007) Nucleotide probes for detection of candida species. UNSPECIFIED.


Mohamed Daud (2004) Method and system for computerized creation, maintenance and querying of internet based multi-attribute dynamic object rating system. PI20040901.


Sharida Fakurazi (2013) A composition for diabetic wound treatment. PI2013702555.

Foo Hooi Ling (2012) Tumour cytotoxic agent and methods thereof. UNSPECIFIED.

Sharida Fakurazi (2011) Methods and compositions for the prevention of opiate tolerance using mitragynine. PI 2011700001.

Foo Hooi Ling (2009) Probiotic composition for nutraceutical product. UNSPECIFIED.

Foo Hooi Ling (2009) Metabolites in animal feed. UNSPECIFIED.

Foo Hooi Ling (2004) A process for producing bacteriocin from lactobacillus plantarum. UNSPECIFIED.

Foo Hooi Ling (2004) A process for producing bacteriocin from lactococcus lactis. UNSPECIFIED.


Chandima Gomes (2010) Horizontal grounding system. PI2010006071.

Chandima Gomes (2010) A vertical grounding apparatus. PI2010003832.

Abdul Halim Ghazali (2006) Modular stormwater blocks. UNSPECIFIED.


Farzad Hejazi (2014) Wall panel damping device. PI201403806.

Siti Aslina Hussain (2014) A radioactive silica-coated gold nanoparticle and a method for producing thereof. PI2014702548.

Farzad Hejazi (2014) Damper connector. PI2014702476.

Farzad Hejazi (2014) A precast wall connector. PI2014701723.

Farzad Hejazi (2014) A variable stiffness bracing device. PI2014701608.

Mohd. Ali Hassan (2014) Oil palm biomass powder and method for producing the same, and biomass composite molded article and method for producing the same. PI2014700501.

Mohd. Zobir Hussein (2013) An intercalated UV absorbing product and a production method thereof. PI2013702416.

Mohd Nizar Hamidon (2013) An artificial olfactory system and an application thereof. PI2013701159.

Norul Hisham Hamid (2013) Durable acetylated rattan and method of preparation thereof. PI2013701216.

Puziah Hashim (2013) Cleansing composition. PI2013700214.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2012) Polyhydroxyalkanoate recovery. PI2012700848.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2012) Renewable sugars from oil palm waste. PI2011004440.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2011) System for evaporating final discharge wastewater generated in a palm oil mill. PI2011005385.

Mohd Nizar Hamidon (2011) Film paste and its preparation thereof. PI2011004441.

Harlisya Harun (2011) A method and system for determining optimal G. PI2011003795.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2011) A method for treating oil palm biomass. PI2011000731.

Rasmina Halis (2011) Environmentally friendly processed fibre product & method of making the same. PI2011000117.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2010) Novel in-vessel high rate composter. PCT/MY2009/000081.

Jalaludin Harun (2010) A process for producing polylactic acid(PLA)-cellulose nanocomposite. PI2010004998.

Hasnul Hadi Hussain (2010) Segmented handle assembly for agricultural tools. PI2010004557.

Jalaludin Harun (2010) Method of acetylation of cellulose nanofibers. PI2010700068.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2010) A method for recovering an intracellular Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2009) A novel bacterium producing polyhydroxyalkanoates from palm oil mill effluent. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd. Ali Hassan (2008) A method of extracting and purifying polyhydroxyalkanoate bioplastic. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2008) Method for isolating DNA. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd. Zobir Hussein (2007) Method to produce controlled release formulation of 1-Naphthaleneacete, a plant growth regulator. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Ali Hassan (2006) A process for treatment of palm oil mill effluent and for conversion of the palm oil mill effluent into biodegradable plastics. UNSPECIFIED.


Nor Azowa Ibrahim (2014) Method to produce hydrazone from hydrazide. PI2014003628.

Maznah Ismail (2014) Composition for preventing cardiovascular diseases. PI2014703622.

Nor Azowa Ibrahim (2014) Production of polymeric membrane for natural gas separation. PI2014703233.

Maznah Ismail (2014) A supercritical fluid extraction process of kenaf seeds. 12/739,750.

Maznah Ismail (2014) Extraction of fixed oil and thymoquinone rich fractions (TQRF). 10111439.4.

Nor Azowa Ibrahim (2014) Method of producing a dispersible nano graphene or graphene oxide. PI2014700668.

Asnor Juraiza Ishak (2014) A smart fruit grading apparatus. UI2014700078.

Maznah Ismail (2013) A composition for managing menopause. PI2013701906.

Maznah Ismail (2013) A use of a composition comprising of acylated steryl glucoside in the manufacture of a product. PI2011002256.

Azni Idris (2013) A method for treating domestic sludge and/or industrial sludge and/or waste biomass and an apparatus used to treat the domestic sludge and/or industrial sludge and/or waste biomass. PI2013003117.

Azni Idris (2012) A method for treatment of coloured wastewater. PI2012701199.

Daud Ahmad Israf Ali (2012) Use of the curcumin analog BHMC in the treatment of endothelial dysfunction and related disorders. PI2012003491.

Amin Ismail (2012) Method for extraction and identification of gelatin. PI2012003189.

Maznah Ismail (2012) Cardioprotactive effects of nutraceuticals isolated from Nigella sativa seeds. UNSPECIFIED.

Rahinah Ibrahim (2011) A method and system for providing and managing information of prefabricated construction components between manufacturers and architects. PI2011005283.

Azni Idris (2011) A method for producing a biopolymer. PI2011005282.

Amin Ismail (2011) A guava pulp composition. UNSPECIFIED.

Maznah Ismail (2011) Antioxidant rich nutraceutical formulation. UNSPECIFIED.

Maznah Ismail (2011) Uses of curculigo latifolia (C.latifolia) extracts. 13/124,377.

Daud Ahmad Israf Ali (2011) Method of treating inflammatory disease with cardamonin. UNSPECIFIED.

Mohd Tarmizi Ishak (2011) Post hole digger support and storage stand. PI2011001418.

Rashid Ibrahim (2010) Method of in vitro isolation, proliferation and differenttiation of mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts in healthy and pathologic conditions. PI2010700063.

Alyani Ismail (2010) A dielectric composite and method for producing the same. PI2010002713.

Aini Ideris (2010) A method for detection and differentiation of Mycoplasma gallispeticum. UNSPECIFIED.

Rahinah Ibrahim (2009) Architectonic spacer building system. UNSPECIFIED.

Amin Ismail (2009) Polyphenol rich fraction and uses thereof. UNSPECIFIED.

Azni Idris (2008) Organic composition and method of use. UNSPECIFIED.

Rahinah Ibrahim (2008) Spatial planning system. UNSPECIFIED.

Azni Idris (2006) System and apparatus for the treatment of organic effluents. UNSPECIFIED.

Maznah Ismail (2006) Germinated brown rice formulated nutraceutical powder. UNSPECIFIED.

Maznah Ismail (2004) Hypocholesterolemic neutraceutical oil. UNSPECIFIED.


Fatemeh Jahanshiri (2010) The recombinant nucleocapsid protein of Newcastle disease virus produced in yeast. PI2010003934.

Mohd Saleh Jaafar (2010) A system to administer an outcome based education. UNSPECIFIED.


Roselina Karim (2014) Gluten-free food product. PI2014702339.

Karmegam Karuppiah (2013) Ergonomic lumbar support. PI2013701235.

Anuar Kassim (2011) A titanium ion-selective membrane electrode sensor. PI2011003713.

Muhammad Rezal Kamel Arrifin (2010) A digital signature system. PI2010006323.

Kaida Khalid (2010) Processes for producing virgin coconut oil, coconut cooking oil and raw material for coconut biodiesel. UNSPECIFIED.

Sabira Khatun (2009) PIC multi-user receiver for multi-rate combined CDMD and SDMA systems. UNSPECIFIED.

Sabira Khatun (2009) An enhanced secured mobile IPv6 with multicast function and hierarchical design. UNSPECIFIED.

Sabira Khatun (2009) An integrated controller for car-accessories and home/ office multimedia devices using mobile phone with security features. UNSPECIFIED.

Sabira Khatun (2009) A noble channel controller for combined CDMA and SDMA systems. UNSPECIFIED.

Kaida Khalid (2008) Processes for producing virgin coconut oil, coconut cooking oil and raw material for coconut biodiesel. PCT/MY2008/000089.

Muhammad Rezal Kamel Arrifin (2008) Chaotic asymmetric encryption process for data security. UNSPECIFIED.

Sabira Khatun (2008) An intelligent traffic management system. UNSPECIFIED.

Sabira Khatun (2007) Ultra-wideband pulse shaper for in-band interference mitigation. UNSPECIFIED.

Sabira Khatun (2006) An enhanced mobile internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) with multicast function and hierarchical design. UNSPECIFIED.

Kaida Khalid (1995) Apparatus and method for the determination of the dry rubber content of rubber latex. UNSPECIFIED.


Lai Oi Ming (2014) Antioxidant and/or antimicrobial composition based on palm oil. PI2014703657.

Lai Oi Ming (2014) Film composition & method thereof. PI2014703658.

Liang Juan Boo (2014) Composition for reducing metal toxicity and a method thereof. PI2014702845.

Lim Hong Ngee (2014) Flexible supercapacitor and method of fabricating the same. PI2014702839.

Lim Hong Ngee (2014) Novel solar water filter with long shelf-life. UI2014702853.

Liew Ngoh Chin (2014) A device for preventing venous stasis. PI2014700413.

Lim Hong Ngee (2013) Method for preparing catalyst-assisted polypyrrole nanoparticles decorated graphene film for high-performance supercapacitor. PI2013701334.

Lim Hong Ngee (2013) Method for preparing graphene-based conducting nano-composite film. PI2013701339.

Lai Oi Ming (2013) A process for producing high oleic content liquid palm oil fraction. PI2013000461.

Adam Leow Thean Chor (2012) Use of a small domain of the T1 lipase as a protein scaffold. PI2012700578.

Liang Juan Boo (2012) Method of extraction and characterization of oligosaccarides from palm kernel cake. PI2012001822.

Liang Juan Boo (2011) Method for reduction of methane production per unit of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) production from ruminants and improvement of microbial feed degradation using lactic acid bacteria (LAB). PI2011005281.

Ling Tau Chuan (2011) Method for purifying serine protease recovered from a fruit source. PI2011003714.

Lai Oi Ming (2011) Process for the production of diacylglycerol. 0835632.

Ling Tau Chuan (2011) Method for the purification of interferon. PI2011000150.

Ling Tau Chuan (2010) Purification of antibodies against hepatitis B. PI2010005910.

Lai Oi Ming (2010) Production of acylglycerol esters. 10005281.0.

Ling Tau Chuan (2010) Lipase purification. PI2010005132.

Lau Wei Hong (2010) A process for producing biological control agent. UNSPECIFIED.

Liang Juan Boo (2010) Method for producing lovastatin from biomass. PI2010003420.

Lai Oi Ming (2009) Process for producing triacyglycerols containing arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acids for use in infant formulations. UNSPECIFIED.

Loh Teck Chwen (2009) Monogastric animal feed. PCT/MY2009/000050.

Lai Oi Ming (2007) Process for producing ferulyl-substituted acylglycerols for use as novel sunscreen agents. UNSPECIFIED.

Lau Wei Hong (2005) A process for producing biopesticide. UNSPECIFIED.

Loh Teck Chwen (2004) A method for producing fermented products as animal feed additive. UNSPECIFIED.

Lai Oi Ming (2003) Process for obtaining medium chain triacyglycerols containing oryzanol from deodorizer distillates for the use in sunscreen formulation. UNSPECIFIED.


Rosfarizan Mohamad (2014) A method for preparing nanocomposite. PI2014703320.

Mohd Noriznan Mokhtar (2014) A method for crude oil removal from empty bunches. PI2014701620.

Suhaila Mohamed (2014) Methods and compositions for inhibiting cancer cell growth. PI2014700663.

Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din (2014) A closed system for high density production of biomass. UI2014700185.

Paridah Md Tahir (2014) The use of kenaf fibre as an alternative laminated composite for production of prosthetic leg socket. PI2014700095.

Borhanuddin Mohd. Ali (2013) A method of peak to average power ration (PAPR). PI2013702570.

Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din (2013) Loop-mediated isothermal amplification for the detection of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus. PI2013702063.

Mohd Adzir Mahdi (2013) A broadly tunable multiple wavelength Brillouin-erbium fiber laser utilizing stimulated Brillouin scattering as a virtual mirror. UNSPECIFIED.

Rosnah Mohd Yusuff (2013) A pineapple processing machine. PI2013003493.

Nurulfiza Mat Isa (2013) A lactococcal bicistronic vector system for gene delivery and method of preparation thereof. PI2013701635.

Fatimah Md Yusoff (2013) A method for extracting collagen and aquatic animals, collagen and products containing it. PI2013701277.

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