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Ab Kadir, Mohd Zainal Abidin (2017) Lightning: a bolt from the blue. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ashaari, Zaidon (2017) Low density wood: from poor to excellent. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ahmad @ Ayob, Mansor (2016) Going green with bionanocomposites. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abd. Aziz, Suraini (2014) Lignocellulosic biofuel: a way forward. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdul Latiff, Latiffah (2014) Transformasi kesihatan wanita: ke arah kesejahteraan komuniti. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abu Bakar, Fatimah (2012) The good the bad & ugly of food safety: from molecules to mirobes. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ab. Aziz, Sidek (2011) Wonders of glass: synthesis, elasticity and application. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdul Rahim, Raha (2010) Designer genes: fashioning mission purposed microbes. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdul Rahman, Mohd Basyaruddin (2010) Haute couture: molecules and biocatalysts. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ahmad, Desa (2009) Mechanics of tillage implements. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abd. Moksin, Mohd Maarof (2008) Metrology at nanoscale: thermal wave probe made it simple. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abd. Manap, Mohd. Yazid (2008) Probiotics your friendly gut bacteria. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abu Hassan, Musa (2008) Memanfaatkan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi (ICT) untuk semua. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdullah, Dzulkefly Kuang (2008) Palm oil: still the best choice. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abd Manap, Mohd Yazid (2008) Probiotic: your friendly gut bacteria. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdul Rahman, Russly (2008) Responding to changing lifestyles: engineering the convenience foods. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdul Rahim, Khalid (2007) Trade and sustainable development: lessons from Malaysia’s experience. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdul Aziz, Saleha (2007) Pathogens and residues: how safe is our meat? [Inaugural Lecture]

Abu Hassan, Malik (2007) Towards large scale unconstrained optimization. [Inaugural Lecture]

Alimon, Abdul Razak (2005) Challenges in feeding livestock: from wastes to feed. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdullah, Maisom (2002) Productivity driven growth: problems & possibilities. [Inaugural Lecture]

Awang, Muhamad (2000) Do we have enough clean air to breath? [Inaugural Lecture]

Ambak, Mohd Azmi (2000) Fisheries and the National Food Security: the Malaysian perspective. [Inaugural Lecture]

Abdullah, Abdul Salam (1994) Natural toxicants affecting animal health and production. [Inaugural Lecture]


Baharudin, Rozumah (2017) Parenting: what matters most? [Inaugural Lecture]

Bujang, Japar Sidik (2012) The marine angiosperms, seagrass. [Inaugural Lecture]

Bejo, Mohd Hair (2010) Poultry vaccines: an innovation for food safety and security. [Inaugural Lecture]

Basri, Hamidon (2010) A stroke of hope: a new beginning. [Inaugural Lecture]

Bakar, Jamilah (2009) Freshwater fish: the overlooked alternative. [Inaugural Lecture]

Baharumshah, Ahmad Zubaidi (2002) The economics of exchange rates in the East Asian countries. [Inaugural Lecture]


Crouse, Karen Anne (2009) In search of small active molecules. [Inaugural Lecture]

Che Man, Yaakob (2004) Oils and fats analysis - recent advances and future prospects. [Inaugural Lecture]

Camerlengo, Alejandro Livio (2000) Development of ocean modelling: the Malaysian perspective. [Inaugural Lecture]


Ee, Gwendoline Cheng Lian (2013) Natural products from Malaysian rainforests. [Inaugural Lecture]


Haron, Abd Wahid (2013) Livestock breeding: the past, the present and the future. [Inaugural Lecture]

Hussein, Mohd. Zobir (2009) The chemistry of nanomaterial and nanobiomaterial. [Inaugural Lecture]

Hassan, Md. Salleh (2008) Role of media in development: strategies, issues and challenges. [Inaugural Lecture]

Hassan, Mohd Ali (2008) Waste-to-wealth through biotechnology for profit, people and planet. [Inaugural Lecture]

Hussein, Mohd. Ariff (1994) Changing roles of agricultural economics. [Inaugural Lecture]


Ismail, Fudziah (2016) Exploring efficient: numerical methods for differential equations. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ibrahim, Faridah Hanum (2015) Forest biodiversity: importance of species composition studies. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ismail, Mohd Mansor (2014) Competitiveness of beekeeping industry in Malaysia. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ibrahim, Noor Akma (2013) The many facets of statistical modeling. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ismail, Ahmad (2011) Coastal biodiversity and pollution: a continuous conflict. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ismail, Patimah (2011) Does genetic polymorphisms affect health? [Inaugural Lecture]

Ismail, Mohd Razi (2011) Managing plant under stress: a challenge for food security. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ismail, Maimunah (2008) Gender and career: realities and challenges. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ibrahim, Yusof (2004) The spider mite saga: quest for biorational management strategies. [Inaugural Lecture]


Jaafar, Mohd Saleh (2015) Advancing concrete materials and systems: the search continues. [Inaugural Lecture]

Jusoff, Kamaruzaman (2010) Going hyperspectral: the 'unseen' captured? [Inaugural Lecture]

Jawan, Jayum (2007) Hubungan sesama manusia. [Inaugural Lecture]


Konting, Mohd Majid (2016) Teaching for quality learning: a leadership challenge. [Inaugural Lecture]

Kamarudin, Mohd Salleh (2015) Feeding & nutritional requirements of young fish. [Inaugural Lecture]

Kilicman, Adem (2011) Mathematical modeling with generalized function. [Inaugural Lecture]

Kim Huat, Bujang (2010) Problematic soil in search for solution. [Inaugural Lecture]

Kim Huat, Bujang (2010) Problematic soils: in search for solution. [Inaugural Lecture]

Kassim, Anuar (2005) Materials science and technology: past, present and the future. [Inaugural Lecture]

Khalid, Kaida (2004) Microwave aquametry: a growing technology. [Inaugural Lecture]

Khalid A.S. Al-Khateeb, (2001) Science and Technology In Islam. [Inaugural Lecture]


Loh, Teck Chwen (2017) Animal feed: the way forward. [Inaugural Lecture]

Lai, Oi Ming (2017) Diacylglycerols: healthy fats of the future? [Inaugural Lecture]

Lee, Teang Shui (2009) Engineering agricultural water resources. [Inaugural Lecture]

Lokman Shamsudin, (2000) Food Chain in the Sea-Its Values, Challenges and Prospects. [Inaugural Lecture]

Lajis, Md. Nordin (1995) Fine chemical from biological resources: the wealth from nature. [Inaugural Lecture]


Mustafa, Shuhaimi (2017) Halal food authenticity: does it matter to you? [Inaugural Lecture]

Md. Yunus, Aida Suraya (2015) Developing students' mathematical thinking: how far have we came? [Inaugural Lecture]

Md. Tahir, Paridah (2013) Bonding with natural fibres. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mukundan, Jayakaran (2013) Steroid-like prescriptions English language teaching can ill-afford. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohamed, Zainal Abidin (2012) Where is the beef? Vantage point from the livestock supply chain. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohd Lila, Mohd Azmi (2011) Biopharmaceuticals protection, cure and the real winner. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mariun, Norman (2011) Energy crisis 2050?: global scenario and way forward for Malaysia. [Inaugural Lecture]

Md Sidin, Samsinar (2010) Family purchase decision making: current issues and future challenges. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mansor, Shattri (2010) Google the earth: what's next? [Inaugural Lecture]

Mat Jais, Abdul Manan (2010) Haruan Channa striatus: a drug discovery in an AGRO-industry setting. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mahdi, Mohd Adzir (2010) Light speed: catch me if you can. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mardan, Makhdzir (2008) Connecting the bee dots. [Inaugural Lecture]

Masud, Jariah (2008) Gender in everyday life. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohd Ghazali, Hasanah (2004) Tapping the power of enzymes - greening the food industry. [Inaugural Lecture]

Md Nor, Sharifah (2004) The education of at-risk children: the challenges ahead. [Inaugural Lecture]

Md. Zain, Azhar (2003) Psychotheraphy for rural Malays - does it work? [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohd. Shaharom, Faizah (2002) The fascinating world of flukes. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohamed Arshad, Fatimah (2002) Analisis pemasaran pertanian di Malaysia: keperluan agenda pembaharuan. [Inaugural Lecture]

Md. Tahir Azhar, (2001) Cancer: The Health Challenge of the New Millennium. [Inaugural Lecture]

Muhammad Anwar, (2000) Islamicity of Banking and Modes of Islamic Banking. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohamad Hashim Kamali (2000) Issues in the Legal Theory of USUL and Prospects for Reform. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohd Atan, Kamel Ariffin (1996) The fascinating numbers. [Inaugural Lecture]

Moain, Amat Juhari (1994) Sejarah keagungan bahasa Melayu. [Inaugural Lecture]

Mohd Dahan, Mohamed Mahyuddin (1994) The changing demand for livestock products. [Inaugural Lecture]

M. Yassin, Sulaiman (1989) The challenge to communication research extension. [Inaugural Lecture]


Nordin, Abdul Jalil (2013) My colorful sketches from scratch: molecular imaging. [Inaugural Lecture]

Nordin, Abdul Jalil (2013) My colourful sketches from scratch: molecular imaging. [Inaugural Lecture]


O. K. Rahmat, Rahmita Wirza (2018) Computer integrated system: medical imaging & visualization. [Inaugural Lecture]

Omar, Abdul Rahman (2014) Poultry viruses: from threat to therapy. [Inaugural Lecture]

Osman, Azizah (2011) Fruits: nutritious, colourful, yet fragile gifts of nature. [Inaugural Lecture]

Othman, Fauziah (2011) My small world in biomedical research. [Inaugural Lecture]



Ratnasingam, Jegatheswaran (2017) The Malaysian furniture industry: charting its growth potential. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ramlan, Mohd Fauzi (2011) Climate change: crop performances and potential. [Inaugural Lecture]

Raja Abd. Rahman, Raja Noor Zaliha (2009) Microbial enzymes: from earth to space. [Inaugural Lecture]

Radu, Son (2008) Big questions, small worlds: following diverse vistas. [Inaugural Lecture]

Rajion, Mohamed Ali (2003) The essential fatty acids - revisited. [Inaugural Lecture]

Ramadilli Mohd, Shamsher Mohamad (2003) The new shares market: regulatory intervention, forecast errors and challenges. [Inaugural Lecture]

Rahmat Ali, Gulam Rusul (2002) Food safety: perspective and challenges. [Inaugural Lecture]


Sekawi, Zamberi (2018) Living dangerously in a virus world: are we at the losing end? [Inaugural Lecture]

Sulaiman, Shamsuddin (2015) Casting technology: sustainable metal forming process. [Inaugural Lecture]

Shaari, Khozirah (2015) Discovering future cures from phytochemistry to metabolomics. [Inaugural Lecture]

Sabran, Mohammad Shatar (2015) Money boy: masalah sosial era generasi Y. [Inaugural Lecture]

Seow, Heng Fong (2011) Are there “Magic Bullets” for cancer theraphy. [Inaugural Lecture]

Siraj, Siti Shapor (2011) Genetic manipulation in farmed fish: enhancing aquaculture production. [Inaugural Lecture]

Salit, Mohd Sapuan (2010) Concurrent engineering for composites. [Inaugural Lecture]

Saleh, Ghizan (2009) Crop breeding: exploiting genes for food and feed. [Inaugural Lecture]

Sahari, Barkawi (2009) Materials, energy and CNGDI vehicle engineering. [Inaugural Lecture]

Suandi, Turiman (2009) Volunteerism: expanding the frontiers of youth development. [Inaugural Lecture]

Saion, Elias (2008) Probing the microscopic worlds by ionizing radiation. [Inaugural Lecture]

Sahri, Mohd. Hamami (2008) Sustainable supply of wood and fibre: does Malaysia have enough. [Inaugural Lecture]

Shaari, Abdul Halim (2004) High temperature superconductivity: puzzles & promises. [Inaugural Lecture]

Selamat, Jinap (2004) Cocoa - wonders for chocolate lovers. [Inaugural Lecture]

Shaik Mohd. Hussain, Shaik Md. Noor Alam (2002) Contractual justice in Asean: a comparative view of coercion. [Inaugural Lecture]

Syed Hassan, Syed Tajuddin (2002) Agro-ento bioinformation: towards the edge of reality. [Inaugural Lecture]

Suhaimi, Hamdan (2000) Into the wonders of surfactant behaviour. [Inaugural Lecture]


Tengku Muda Mohamed, Mahmud (2017) Postharvest: an unsung solution for food security. [Inaugural Lecture]

Tan, Wen Siang (2016) Fighting the hepatitis B virus: past, present & future. [Inaugural Lecture]

Tengku Abdul Hamid, Tengku Aizan (2015) Population ageing in Malaysia: a mosaic of issues, challenges and prospects. [Inaugural Lecture]

Tan, Chin Ping (2014) Fats and oils for a healthier future: macro, micro and nanoscales. [Inaugural Lecture]

Thilagar, Sundararajan (2006) Development and innovation in the fracture management of animals. [Inaugural Lecture]


Varatharajoo, Renuganth (2014) Space system trade-offs: towards spacecraft synergisms. [Inaugural Lecture]



Yusuf, Umi Kalsom (2010) Ferns of Malaysian rain forest: a journey through the fern world. [Inaugural Lecture]

Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2009) Catalysis for a sustainable world. [Inaugural Lecture]

Yusoff, Khatijah (2008) Newcastle disease virus: a journey from poultry to cancer. [Inaugural Lecture]

Yusop, Mohd Khanif (2005) From the soil to the table. [Inaugural Lecture]


Zakaria, Azmi (2013) Photothermal affects our live. [Inaugural Lecture]

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