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Abdul Rahim, Raha (2010) Designer genes: fashioning mission purposed microbes.

Abdul Rahman, Mohd Basyaruddin (2010) Haute couture: molecules and biocatalysts.

Abd. Moksin, Mohd Maarof (2008) Metrology at nanoscale: thermal wave probe made it simple.

Abu Hassan, Musa (2008) Memanfaatkan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi (ICT) untuk semua.

Abdullah, Dzulkefly Kuang (2008) Palm oil: still the best choice.

Abdullah, Mohd Yunus (2008) Penjagaan kesihatan primer di Malaysia: cabaran, prospek dan implikasi dalam latihan dan penyelidikan perubatan serta sains kesihatan di Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Abd Manap, Mohd Yazid (2008) Probiotic: your friendly gut bacteria.


Bakar, Ab. Rahim (2011) Preparing Malaysian youths for the world of work: roles of technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

Bakar, Jamilah (2009) Freshwater fish: the overlooked alternative.


Hassan, Md. Salleh (2008) Role of media in development: strategies, issues and challenges.

Hassan, Mohd. Ali (2008) Waste-to-wealth through biotechnology for profit, people and planet.


Ismail, Ahmad (2011) Coastal biodiversity and pollution: a continuous conflict.

Ismail, Patimah (2011) Does genetic polymorphisms affect health?

Ismail, Mohd Razi (2011) Managing plant under stress: a challenge for food security.

Idris, Azni (2009) Waste management: what is the choice: land disposal or biofuel.

Ismail, Maimunah (2008) Gender and career: realities and challenges.


Jusoff, Kamaruzaman (2010) Going hyperspectral: the 'unseen' captured?


Kilicman, Adem (2011) Mathematical modeling with generalized function.

Khalid A.S. Al-Khateeb, (2001) Science and Technology In Islam.


Lokman Shamsudin, (2000) Food Chain in the Sea-Its Values, Challenges and Prospects.


Mohd Lila, Mohd Azmi (2011) Biopharmaceuticals protection, cure and the real winner.

Mariun, Norman (2011) Energy crisis 2050?: global scenario and way forward for Malaysia.

Md Sidin, Samsinar (2010) Family purchase decision making: current issues and future challenges.

Mansor, Shattri (2010) Google the earth: what's next?

Mat Jais, Abdul Manan (2010) Haruan Channa striatus: a drug discovery in an AGRO-industry setting.

Mat Yunus, Wan Mahmood (2009) Photothermal and photoacoustic: from basic research to industrial applications.

Mardan, Makhdzir (2008) Connecting the bee dots.

Masud, Jariah (2008) Gender in everyday life.

Md. Tahir Azhar, (2001) Cancer: The Health Challenge of the New Millennium.

Muhammad Anwar, (2000) Islamicity of Banking and Modes of Islamic Banking.

Mohamad Hashim Kamali, (2000) Issues in the Legal Theory of USUL and Prospects for Reform.


Osman, Azizah (2011) Fruits: nutritious, colourful, yet fragile gifts of nature.

Othman, Fauziah (2011) My small world in biomedical research.


Prof. Dr. Mohd Adzir Mahdi, (2010) Light speed: catch me if you can.

Prof. Dr. Mohd Hair Bejo, (2010) Poultry vaccines: an innovation for food safety and security.

Prof. Dr. Bujang bin Kim Huat, (2010) Problematic soil in search for solution.

Prof. Dr. Hamidon Basri, (2010) A stroke of hope: a new beginning.

Prof. Dr. Lee Teang Shui, (2009) Engineering agricultural water resources.

Prof. Dr. Arbakariya Ariff, (2009) Industrializing biotechnology: roles of fermentation and bioprocess technology.

Prof. Dr. Barkawi Sahari, (2009) Materials, energy and CNGDI vehicle engineering.

Prof. Dr. Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd. Rahman, (2009) Microbial enzymes: from earth to space.

Prof. Datin Paduka Dr. Khatijah Yusoff, (2008) Newcastle disease virus: a journey from poultry to cancer.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Abdul Rahim, (2007) Trade and sustainable development: lessons from Malaysia’s experience.

Prof. Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin, (2007) Econometric modelling for agricultural policy analysis and forecasting: between theory and reality.

Prof. Dr. Zakariah Abdul Rashid, (2007) Planning for equal income distribution in Malaysia: a general equilibrium approach.

Prof. Dr., Anuar Kassim (2005) Materials Science and Technology: Past, Present and the Future.

Prof. Dr., Mohd Khanif Yusop (2005) From the soil to the table.

Prof. Dr., Yaakob Che Man (2004) Oils and fats Analysis - Recent Advances and Future Prospects.

Prof. Dr., Abdul Halim Shaari (2004) High Temperature Superconductivity: Puzzles & Promises.

Prof. Dr., Jinap Selamat (2004) Cocoa - Wonders for Chocolate Lovers.

Prof. Dr., Azhar Md. Zain (2003) Psychotheraphy for rural malays - does it works?

Prof. Dr., Mohamed Ali Rajion (2003) The essential fatty acids - revisited.

Prof. Dr., Fatimah Md. Yusoff (2003) An Ecological Approach: A viable Option for Aquaculture Industry in Malaysia.

Prof. Dr., Mawardi Rahmani (2003) Chemical Diversity of Malaysian Flora: Potential Source of Rich Therapeutic Chemicals.

Prof. Dr., Shamser Mohamad (2003) The new shares market:regulatory intervention, forecast errors and challenges.

Prof. Dr., Annuar Md Nassir (2002) Is the KLSE Efficient? Efficient Market Hypothesis vs Behavioral Finance.

Prof. Dr., Wan Md. Zin Wan Yunus (2002) Chemical Modification of Polymers: Current and Future Routes for Synthesizing New Polymeric Compounds.

Prof. Dr., Shaik Md. Noor Alam S.M. Hussain (2002) Contractual justice in Asean: a comparative view of coercion.

Prof. Dr., Ahamd Zubaidi Baharumshah (2002) The Economics of Exchange Rates in the East Asian Countries.

Prof. Dr., Faizah Mohd. Shaharom (2002) The Fascinating World of Flukes.

Prof. Dr., Dahlan Ismail (2002) Sustainability of Tropical Animal-Agricultural Production Systems: Integration of Dynamic Complex Systems.

Prof. Dr., Syed Tajuddin Syed Hassan (2002) Agro-entro bioinformation:towards the edge of reality.

Prof. Dr., Wan Omar Abdullah (2002) Immunodiagnosis and vaccination for brugian filariasis:direct rewards from research investments.

Prof. Dr., Maisom Abdullah (2002) Productivity Driven Growth: Problems & Possibilities.

Prof. Dr., Zaharah A. Rahman (2002) Nutrient Management Strategies For Sustainable Crop Production in Acid Soils: The Role of Research using Isotopes.

Prof. Dr., Gulam Rusul Rahmat Ali (2002) Food Safety: Perspective and Challenges.

Prof. Dr., Nik Mustapha R. Abdullah (2002) Fisheries co-management: an institutional innovation towards sustainable fisheries industry.

Prof. Dr., Fatimah Mohamed Arshad (2002) Analisis pemasaran pertanian di Malaysia : Keperluan agenda pembaharuan.

Prof. Dr., Hamdan Suhaimi (2000) Into the Wonders of Surfactant Behaviour.

Prof. Dr., Alejandro Livio Camerlengo (2000) Development of Ocean Modelling: The Malaysian Perspective.

Prof. Dr., Muhamad Awang (2000) Do we have enough clean air to breath?

Prof. Dr., Mohd Azmi Ambak (2000) Fisheries and The National Food Security: The Malaysian Perspective.

Prof. Dr., Aini Ideris (1999) Avian Respiratory and Immunosuppressive Diseases - A Fatal Attraction.

Prof. Dr., Kamel Ariffin Mohd Atan (1996) The Fascinating Numbers.

Prof. Dr., Chew Tek Ann (1996) Sharecropping in Perfectly Competitive Markets: A Contradiction in Terms.

Prof. Dr., Ang Kok Jee (1995) The Evolution of an Environmentally Friendly Hatchery Technology for Udang Galah, The King of Freshwater Prawns and a Glimpse Into the Future of Aquaculture in 21st Century.

Prof. Dr., Rahim Md. Sail (1995) Extension Education For Industrialising Malaysia: Trends, Priorities and Emerging Issues.

Prof. Dr., Md. Nordin Hj. Lajis (1995) Fine Chemical From Biological Resources: The Wealth From Nature.

Prof. Dr., Amat Juhari Moain (1994) Sejarah Keagungan Bahasa Melayu.

Prof. Dr., Abdul Salam Abdullah (1994) Natural Toxicants Affecting Animal Health and Production.

Prof. Dr., Mohamed Mahyuddin Mohd Dahan (1994) The Changing Demand for Livestock Products.

Prof. Dr., Mohd. Ariff Hussein (1994) Changing Roles of Agricultural Economics.

Prof. Dr. Sulaiman M. Yassin, (1989) The Challenge to Communication Research Extension.


Ramlan, Mohd Fauzi (2011) Climate change: crop performances and potential.


Seow, Heng Fong (2011) Are there “Magic Bullets” for cancer theraphy.

Salit, Mohd Sapuan (2010) Concurrent engineering for composites.

Saleh, Ghizan (2009) Crop breeding: exploiting genes for food and feed.

Suandi, Turiman (2009) Volunteerism: expanding the frontiers of youth development.

Shamaan, Nor Aripin (2008) Biochemistry of xenobiotics: towards a healty lifestyle and safe environment.

Saion, Elias (2008) Probing the microscopic worlds by ionizing radiation.

Sahri, Mohd. Hamami (2008) Sustainable supply of wood and fibre: does Malaysia have enough.


Yusuf, Umi Kalsom (2010) Ferns of Malaysian rain forest: a journey through the fern world.

Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2009) Catalysis for a sustainable world.

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