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Di-n-butylbis(N-ethyl-N-phenyldithiocarbamato- kS)tin(IV).


Kamaludin, Nurul Farahana and Baba, Ibrahim and Awang, Normah and Mohamed Tahir, Mohamed Ibrahim and Tiekink, Edward R. T. (2012) Di-n-butylbis(N-ethyl-N-phenyldithiocarbamato- kS)tin(IV). Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, E68 (1). m79-m80. ISSN 1600-5368

Abstract / Synopsis

The title compound, [Sn(C4H9)2(C9H10NS2)2], features a tetra­hedrally coordinated SnIV atom; the dithio­carbamate ligands coordinate in a monodentate fashion, accompanied by two n-butyl chains. The non-coordinating thione S atoms are each proximate to the SnIV atom [3.0136 (7) and 2.9865 (8) Å], giving rise to distortions from the ideal geometry as evident in the wide C—Sn—C bond angle of 139.06 (12) °. In the crystal, C—H(...)S inter­actions lead to the formation of a linear supra­molecular chain along the b axis. The chains are aligned into layers by C—H(...)π inter­actions, and the layers stack along [001]. One of the ethyl groups is statistically disordered over two sets of sites.

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Item Type: Article
Divisions: Faculty of Science
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Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Keywords: Single-crystal Xray study.
Depositing User: Nur Farahin Ramli
Date Deposited: 25 Jul 2013 09:35
Last Modified: 21 Sep 2015 08:09
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